Possible British Elite Paedophile Ring


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  1. Three apparent police suicides within 4 days. Around the time of the Jersey care home investigation. It’s not mentioned in the article but Neil Munro was alleged to have been investigating the yachting community, following claims that children from Jersey care homes were being loaned out to wealthy yachtsmen.


    Also, I wonder if this judge found something out.


    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  2. It was alleged in the book ‘War of the Windsors’, and the Sunday People newspaper P17, that Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been linked to the Kincora boy’s abuse network. Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was renowned to be wildly promiscuous, bisexual and to enjoy a bit of ‘rough’ or the pleasures of young working class boys or indeed peasant Indian boys.

    This is revealed in the book ‘War of the Windsors’, and may account for the non prosecution of Kincora clients and the reluctance of the authorities to act against those running the Kincora care home until 1981, despite the vice ring being in operation since 1977, and the repeated allegations made against those pillars of society, upright citizens in charge of Kincora. The very Reverend William McGrath and co. Those operating the Kincora child vice ring were eventually prosecuted in 1981, but no charges were ever brought against the elite VIP clientele of the Kincora child abuse vice ring, which included, prominent businessmen, hanging judges and government officials who were never prosecuted for their exploitation and sexual abuse of young boys. In court it was found that the so called pillars of society running the home, were guilty of the sexual abuse of defenceless young boys in their care, whom they exploited and sold to their VIP clientele. The authorities reluctance to act against the Kincora paedophiles also may have been because of the proven MI5/special branch interest in the VIP clientele of the Kincora child vice network. These powerful authoritarian figures would prove useful and supportive of any RUC actions in the future, given the MI5 files complied on the Kincora clientele. Many of the VIP clientele who sexually abused and degraded young boys are still prominent members of Ulster society, still highly respected pillars of society, some still High court judges, magistrates etc, some even have roles which give them direct access to children, some are now governors of schools, some are doctors etc. Their sordid grubby elite existence unaffected and unsoiled by their perverted behaviour and abuse of young children. They got off Scot free from the Kincora child abuse scandal with their reputations and social status intact and unaffected, because the authorities chose not to prosecute them, after all it was only young working class children they abused, and the working class are always expendable to the rich. In the world and exclusive social circles of these people it is ok for rich paedophiles to sexually and physically abuse the children of the poor. The moral code of the rich and powerful says this is clearly acceptable behaviour.

    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  3. A notorious location for paedophile activities is an apartment block called Dolphin Square in Pimlico, the biggest block of flats in Europe and the London residence of many members of Parliament. The building was once under surveillance by the British Customs after the discovery of pornographic material from Amsterdam. One resident was quoted as saying: “We often have underage boys wandering in the corridors totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP.”

    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  4. It is well-known among Westminster street traders, below stairs staff in the Palace of Westminster, central London taxi drivers, drivers in the government car fleet, etc., that there is a large rent-boy network supplying under-age boy prostitutes to members of Parliament and others at the Palace of Westminster.

    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  5. Geoffrey Prine used paedophilia as a form of blackmail while working for the British security services during the 1970s until the early 80s – this came out at his trial, check 1982 news archives.

    Victor Norris worked occasional dirty jobs for MI5 while having an interest in paedophilia, fascism and satanism – I know this sounds like credulous Icke nonsense but these people did and do exist, and there’s still a lot of information which isn’t on the web for many reasons.

    Comment by Jeff Le Marquand spotter | 06 | Reply

  6. I remember when Derek Laud provided an alibi for his friends Neil and Christine Hamilton, when they were accused of sexual assault by Nadine Milroy-Sloan. Nadine was then sentenced to three years imprisonment. It makes you wonder.

    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  7. Margaret Hodge MP and Islington


    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  8. I once heard that there’s a place in Belgravia where some politicians go to have sex with kids. It looks like a pretty normal back street in a posh area of town and if you drive down there after dark nobody would see you. This person then said that they have the entire cellar area partitioned into velveteen bedrooms. I asked “Little girls” and was told “Nope, little boys, all of them.”

    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  9. Another death that could be linked to Jersey.


    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  10. Coincidentally, the policeman who was killed during the Broadwater Farm riot was a beat officer in Muswell Hill. PC Blakelock.


    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  11. Years ago there was an organisation known as PIE, it stood for The Paedophile Information Exchange. Its main aim appeared to be to try and make sex with children acceptable. Well the British public would not have it (This was back in the late seventies) When they tried to have meetings the people just raided them. There was a particularly violent one in London, cannot remember where.

    Well the government of the day became worried. They eventually sent down a tattooed east-end thug who they said was the leader of this vile organisation.

    I had a mate in the Met police-force at the time. He had been stationed with me overseas in the RAF, so I knew him well and trusted him. He told me at the time that the thug sent down was a set-up, he had been bribed to take the rap (he didn’t get long inside) My mate went on to tell me that I would never believe how deep and wide this paedophile ring was. He told me that there were judges, politicians, top civil servants etc etc in it, in fact a large section of the elite.

    Well in those days I never repeated it to anyone as I would have been jeered at. It is a cancer eating at the heart of our society but it will be so difficult to stop, so many top people involved. He named one or two but I would obviously not repeat on a public forum. Let us all pray to God that this disease in our country can be attacked.

    Comment by Anonymous | 06 | Reply

  12. Leon Brittan is alleged to have abused boys. The police once raided his home after a young boy staggered in to the street half naked, and when police asked what happened he told them about Brittan and his friends and took them to the house. When they called in to report what happened, they were ordered to take everyone in, and when they got there there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The boys were paid off, and a short time later, Leon Britton was summoned to meet his fellow MP, William Hague on the beach in Brighton at 5.45 in the morning, where he was told that he was to be made EU Commissioner for the UK, and he would not be allowed to be in politics again in the UK. That was how he became commissioner and he stayed there for many years, until the corruption inquiry went ahead, which saw a large number of people from different countries being made to resign.

    It’s been alleged too that Brittan’s paedophile behaviour also came to the attention of the police when they were investigating the murder of Jason Swift. Whichever way the investigation went his name kept cropping up.

    Jason Swift once lived in a care home in Islington.


    Comment by Jo | 10 | Reply

  13. We can not forget that it is desirable to have politicians and powerful people be such things as pedophiles and sexually extreme or tendencies of the sociopath because THEY ARE EASILY CONTROLLED from above. Hence all of politics is riddled with these insane people because the “cabal” can control them. They are sought after and they are recruited (pedophile / whatever “shameful”). They are easily blackmailed and are therefore easily “OWNED” by the controllers. It is really quite simple.

    Comment by William Zimmermann | 11 | Reply

  14. I think you will find – vis-a-vis the Dolphin Square comment – is where actor Wilfred Bramble lived. I often spotted him in the local pub in the early 60’s.

    Comment by wiggins | 11 | Reply

  15. Back in 1999 I did a door Supervisor course and the Police man who ran it used to work for Met and said thet they had discoveres meny links to Brittan and paedophilia and they had been warned off but he had been told at the time that Brittan had been warned as an unmarried man to marry a woman with children – withing a couple of weeks his engagement was announced to a widow with two boys – thats over 13 year ago

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  16. A close family member worked in the House of Parliament in the 80’s. staff knew that Maggie Thatcher sent Brittan to Europe because of his criminal activities with young boys – it was “not in my backyard” decision for Maggie.

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  17. CRB checks are made for minor matters – for me I just want to help serve teas and help on days out with old persons in the British Legion. I dont object but I DO OBJECT to the fact Judges fromthe top to the bottom ought to be thoroughly vetter – any signs of illegal behaviour – sexual perversions – ban them for life. They are not going to give fair judgement if they have their snouts in thr trough too !!! simple – do it

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  18. Great Blog…..Thanks…

    Comment by Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... | 11 | Reply

  19. I find it strange that saville had an audience of 20+ million and then was dropped suddenly. Someone must have known what he was up too and couldn’t swallow it anymore. I met a guy in the army in 96 from scarbrough who ran a ice cream van,( b4 he joined up )and he told me he met saville and he told him to call him Sir when he was buying ice cream as the queen did, he told him to fuck off and told him everyone knew he was a fucking pervert.. this was in front of a crowd, saville went nuts, but this guy didnt care and
    gave him a right verbal slagging off. Hope it was true

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  20. “Neil Munro was alleged to have been investigating the yachting community”.

    Sorry I can’t see any reference to this being fact apart from on conspiracy sites.

    Could you provide a credible link supporting this?

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  21. NEW NORTH YORKS REVELATIONS at the weekend.

    Meanwhile – catch up here:

    PLEASE help the CORRUPTION BUSTERS by sparing a mo to SHARE, and he hit RECOMMEND on the Real Whitby Page! THANK YOU!!!


    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  22. I have started to see connections between the Kincora scandal in East Belfast, William Printer a french teacher in Belfast in late 70s and early 80s and abuse at Crookham School where Printer ended up and was caught with two others and exposed by Ester Rantzen. There does seems to be a cover up at the centre of the UK establishment linked now to Jersey and North Wales. Very disturbing as Hague our foreign secretary was Welsh secretary and must have been aware of at least the gossip. These devious people get minimum punishment if prosecuted – Printer got 4 years so is now out but destroy lives. An editor at Loaded in the 90s and an ex pupil of Printer joked in the magazine about Sasquatch “Printers nickname” and a pupil called little Jimmy whom was at the Belfast school in 1980, and who left suddenly . I wonder if the people who targeted Mountbatten were aware of what is mentioned above, but as well as a Jersey and North Wales ,the Belfast connection keeps coming up. We all know the UK establishment had a lot of involvement in Belfast in 70s and 80s.

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

    • That is interesting. I did not know that William Printer had been teaching in Ireland.

      Comment by duddenhallapproveds | 03 | Reply

  23. A sad day for any Tory politicians who are decent human beings.How many have been poisoned by boarding schools, old boy network and sense of overweaning power to become unacceptable?There is clearly ahuge cover -up involved here of something horrendous–actual people implicated I can’t know because I was not there.It has been handled very badly by the Prime Minister.He gives you the idea of covering up!The overall problem is of excess of power at the top,then being imposed down the ranks.Even if public schools were abolished(good move in some ways,though they do at least stillmaintain good educational standards ,would’t the networks of the wealthy and powerful still persist?I’m surprised the BBc has not aired a serious documentary lately about paedophilia, why it is so prevalent, causes etc, since most of us cannot understand such horrific crime.Should we all boycott the Tory and possibly also the Labour party…what then?

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  24. A British driving instructor told me, and this was about 25 years ago that he once worked as a professional caterer in London, so lets guess this was in the 1970s – 1980s. He said that senior MPs, including Cabinet members, would attend functions he helped to arrange and massive amounts of money was provided to pay for the most attractive prostitutes to be provided for the use of everyone, attending, including the Cabinet members. I do not know if it was true.

    Incidentally, the Foreign Office was not too bothered about senior staff in brothels around the world and despite security, was not that bothered about some unusual sexual behaviour.

    Comment by Anonymous | 11 | Reply

  25. Details of the St John ambulance paedophile protection network are here:

    Comment by Frank Jackson | 11 | Reply

  26. I noticed you titled this post “Possible Elite Paedophile Ring” You should have used the words “Certainty Of” However far back you would like to go, you will find them. There is no answer to the question, “If Savile was implicated as long ago as the North Wales Scandal, why was he not arrested?” Ted Heath was connected to the Haut de la Garenne affair and to Kincora. If the McAlpine name is always going to be present why has it taken til to question the holder of the name?Why was the current Lord hiding out in Italy? Why was no one at the BBC sacked for outing that Dave Lee Travis touched their tit, without a shred of evidence to back it up.Now shall we discuss the Labour Party Perverts?

    Comment by enochered | 11 | Reply

  27. However much we wish it were not so, the allegations we keep hearing about probably do have their roots in truth.

    Can anyone reading on this site honestly say that as a child their self, they would have been able to tell a coherent and believable account of abuse by an adult, to another adult who by association is more likely to wish to defend the abuser, rather than protect the abused?

    This whole area of human mis-behaviour is so far fetched to many of us, that we simply have difficulty in believing one human is able to perpetrate such abuse upon another. Except that when one wishes to do such a thing to a minor, one may do so in the belief that fear will aid in keeping such acts from public scrutiny.

    As to cover up after cover up, clearly there are more factors at work than can be reported in order to give a balanced judgement, and yet with so so many coming to light, and historical evidence to boot, we can no longer sweep aside for any logical reason, these acts of vile selfishness and self gratification at the expense of those not empowered to defend them selves.

    We need the truth, or as close to the truth as we can reasonably expect now, or very very soon but alas, enlightenment is no barrier to repeat performance, and the abuse will continue. This is a sad fact which epitomises the base inhumanity of humanity itself.

    Comment by Anonymous | 12 | Reply

  28. Michael Portillo (former MP Kensington & Chelsea)

    Portillo is well known within the conservative party, as are others for his perverse abuse of children. He also likes adults now and again, particularly his friend and fellow MP Peter Lilley. He was giving Portilo a good time in the DTI building on the day of the 92 election, he was on his knees, (I’m sure I don’t have to paint a picture for you). He also likes Morocco Del sol, where he delights in having young boys for sexual abuse. He used to go to the same hotel and on one visit, he left top secret documents behind in connection with the UK’s defence systems, was it an accident, or was he being blackmailed? He also goes to the Isle of Wight regularly with Lilley and other friends where they have access to children. He is disgusting and I want him in prison where he belongs.

    Comment by Anonymous | 12 | Reply

  29. Hampshire seems to be mentioned quite a bit in this blog. Michael Colvin, Derek Laud and Lord McAlpine all supposedly had homes there. The leader of Hampshire Council Freddie Emery Wallis was convicted in 2001 of molesting young boys. Julian Lewis is also connected to the area. Also, incidentally, a 16 year old went missing on the Isle of Wight back in 1996, Damien Nettles, and his family think the police might have been hiding something because they claimed to have lost CCTV footage of Damien on the street that night. Then we have the Isle of Wight MP suddenly standing down in 1997 due to stress.

    Comment by Anonymous | 12 | Reply

  30. With regards to Greville Janner. I’ve heard that he was accused of raping a 15 year old boy at the Holiday Inn in Glasgow. The night before the boy was due to give evidence, the judge was taken out to dinner by the defence team for Janner, and it was arranged that the boy was not allowed to name Janner in court as his rapist, or he would be in contempt of court. Janner won his case and he walked in to the House of Commons to a standing ovation by MPs.

    Comment by Anonymous | 12 | Reply

  31. Try googling greville janner. A legal complaint was submitted to Google and 5 search results removed. They are all about Janner and Paul Winston. Who had the search results taken down? Why remove information from google if Frank Beck and Winston were lying?

    Comment by Dave | 03 | Reply

  32. Please read: https://slippingbeneaththeradar.wordpress.com/ and http://lacreusehostsevilcult.blogspot.de/ for information about the Godson Cult in Benevent l’Abbaye, France.

    Comment by arielacohen99.wordpress.com | 10 | Reply

  33. Derek Haslam 9 Lynn Rd Southery PE38 0HU links to Sid Fillery convicted nonce – both were Met Police and free masons – Bryn Estyn links to (yes you guessed) plod and masonic lodges;)

    Comment by Colonel Rehill | 10 | Reply

  34. Let’s try to put a stop to animal abuse too. Particularly, with regards to the horrific fur-farming industry.


    Comment by Louise | 12 | Reply

  35. This network of perverts runs much bigger than the 8 MP`s suggested. Go to my blog to understand how deep this rabbit hole goes.Recently Channel 4 news revealed that Special Branch and MI5 covered for Cyril Smith MP for almost half a century.


    Comment by Peter Martin | 07 | Reply

  36. Edward Heath was very well known for his perverted abuse of young boys. I spoke to one of his victims and he told me about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Savile. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on-board Heath’s yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Savile is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.

    Comment by Anonymous | 07 | Reply

    • Morning Cloud wasn’t the only boat used by paedophiles.

      Comment by Charles | 07 | Reply

  37. Another one manages to escape the net. A disgrace.


    Comment by Rachel | 07 | Reply

  38. Geri Myland
    JULY 7, 2014 AT 10:34 AM REPLY
    “Better to be thought a Rapist than a Pedarast”? Could be a risky strategy that may explain the recent reports of the alleged Rape of a 19 year old WOMAN in 1967……..?
    It may be the last “Roll of the Dice” for a certain former Tory Minister from Thatchers Government…….
    Probably not I fear, for the MSM (Main Stream Media) will continue to be hit over the head with Super Injunctions & ” D NOTICES” !!!!!
    Now correct me if I’m wrong…….but isn’t the definition of a D Notice ” a REQUEST to withold information where National Security may be threatened?
    My point is this : the difference between a REQUEST and an ORDER bears some scrutiny perhaps?
    When will people realise that the whole Celebrity Paedophile frenzy is merely a diversion to sate the publics thirst for blood….
    The “Powers That Be” (by which I mean the REAL Powers) have used BLACKMAIL to control Government/ Business for as long as anyone can remember………
    It’s simply this decades ago Adultery was enough to get the job done, then Homosexuality followed by ever increasing levels of debauchery (even Murder)!!
    The placement of ” FLAWED PEOPLE ” (with certain weaknesses and or Perversions) into KEY positions within the structure of any Government be it left or right enables COMPLETE CONTROL

    Comment by Geri Myland | 08 | Reply

  39. It is time for this stuff to be properly investigated. David Cameron seems to like to call for public enquiries for every single thing under the sun except something as serious as this. I had never realised the names involved in all this were as serious as this.

    Comment by Anonymous | 08 | Reply

  40. And now as the whole thing unravels, since I started my petition for historic sex abuse cases to receive tougher sentencing I realise our legal system is going to creak at the knees as these horrific men get light sentences for the lives they ruined. Don’t let it be, support my petition

    My petition is at http://www.philspetition.co.uk

    Comment by Phillip Lafferty | 09 | Reply

  41. Brittan’s predecessor, W.Whitelaw received from me via RAF Carlisle a report of a homosexual house near Staines catering for BA flight crews, senior RAF officers and establishment personages. This was 1982. One RAF officer, seconded to MI5 was recalled from Cyprus; he came after me armed! Not a dicky bird from Brittan who took on the file after I blew the whistle! G.bird. Lancs.

    Comment by Gordon Bird | 10 | Reply

  42. All very interesting and yes, outrageous but unfortunately nothing will ever be resolved. Society is completely, ruthlessly and effectively controlled by whatever means necessary. We are fed crumbs from time to time but only regarding peripheral players – or the innocent.
    Either you accept the rules of the game or you disappear.
    If the truth did come out – & how would we ever know what that is, revolution would probably result but then it would be a case of meet the new boss – same as the old boss.
    We’re a fatally flawed species.

    Comment by Astree | 07 | Reply

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